2014-2015 STAFF LIST


Christie Joyce
Christie Joyce is a junior, majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. She is a current resident of Saudi Arabia, which is one of many places in the world she calls home. In addition to starting SURJ and being the Editor in-Chief this year, she works in a Biology lab that studies brain and central nervous system development in annelids. She loves science and enjoys being able to talk about it. She hopes one day to be able to work towards making science more accessible to non-scientists by bridging the gap in communication between the two.
Samantha Wallace
Managing Editor
Samantha Wallace is the Managing Editor for SURJ. She is a junior studying English and International Development. She hopes to spend several years teaching before entering the field of educational policy or educational non-profit work. She is a native New Hampshirite who loves to hike and canoe. She enjoys a good podcast.
Karishma Veljee
Peer Review Editor
Karishma Veljee is a senior from Islamabad, Pakistan. She is studying Economics and Political Science, with a concentration in International Relations, and has done research in the Economics, Political Science and Psychology departments. At Clark, Karishma supervises at the Clark Fund, and is involved with the Board of Trustees Committee for Social Responsibility. She enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures.
Kaylee Merlow
Copy Editor
Kaylee Merlow is a senior Political Science and Psychology double major. During her junior year of study, Kaylee completed study abroad in England at the School of Oriental and African Studies. Post-graduation, she plans on attending the University of Manchester, UK, where she will study Business Psychology. A native of the Adirondack region of Northern New York state, Kaylee enjoys kayaking, exotic cats, British boy bands, iced coffee, and being in England.
Jessica Horton
Design Editor
Jessica Horton is the Design Editor for SURJ. She is a junior studying International Development and Social Change with a minor in Sociology. A native of Lawrence/Methuen, MA, she is passionate about civic engagement through philanthropy, youth engagement in social, environmental, and health issues, and hopes to work in the nonprofit sector in the future. Jessica enjoys listening to Kendrick Lamar and A Tribe Called Quest, reading graphic novels, and drinking smoothies.
Emma Binder
Sales & Marketing Director
Emma Binder is a Senior studying International Development and Social Change and Biology with a concentration in Global Public Health. Emma has lived in a number of places, including Germany and Hawaii, but she currently calls Yorktown, Virginia home. At Clark, Emma is also a part of the women’s lacrosse team, Timmy Global Health, and a member of student council where she chairs the Student Life Committee. When she is not studying, Emma enjoys traveling and cooking.
Daniel Quaidoo
Web Editor
Daniel Quaidoo is a sophomore at Clark majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. Born in the beautiful country of Ghana, Daniel enjoys reading, dancing, playing video games, appreciating art, and thoroughly enjoys traveling. His interests lie mainly in engineering, computer networks, cryptography, financial systems and their interaction to create economic stability. As an aspiring software engineer, he seeks to build systems and find solutions to improve the efficiency of applications. In his leisure, he enjoys playing basketball and donates his time to Project HEY; a community service initiative in Ghana, where he helps mentor and teach kids basic technology skills and in being technologically adept both in and out of the classroom.


Emma Berman
El Ghali Bouchareb
Vanessa Carrasco
Leonardo Cuervo
Brenna Dougherty
Carmiya Gale
Alizay Hasan
Michino Hisabayashi
Lauren Howard
Keke Kaikhosroshvili
John Kaplan
Sherry Khan
Despoina Lioliou
John S. Oliveras
Nicole Sayles
Jacob Steenwyk
Farah Weannara


Emma Berman
Vanessa Carrasco
Brenna Dougherty
Carmiya Gale
Galen Hartwell
Mica Hinga
Lauren Howard
John Kaplan
Maxwell Provo


Galen Hartwell
Daniel Quaidoo
Farah Weanara


Carlos Dobler
Rui Du
Michael Teheran
Nathan Gill
Graham Hegemony
Fabiola Inzunza
Achu Johnson Alexander
Bob Karockai
Justin Laplante
Chris Markman
Alejandro Mina Calvo
Chitra Naidu
Joe Schwab
Simon Tolchin
Yikrant Yadav