2015-2016 STAFF LIST


Christie Joyce
Christie Joyce is a senior, majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. She conducts research in a biology lab on campus and plans to stay here next year to complete her Master’s degree. Being one of the ini- tial founders of SURJ and Editor in-Chief for these past two years, she is very proud of how SURJ has grown and is excited to watch it continue to ourish and become established a er she leaves Clark. She hopes to enter the world of scienti c communication, writing, and publishing in making research accessible to all, as she sought to do with SURJ.
Lauren Howard
Managing Editor
Lauren Howard is a junior and a Political Science major with concentrations in Law and Society and Ethics and Public Policy. Outside of SURJ, she is involved in Clark Undergraduate Student Council and works in the library. She enjoys studying strange and new legal issues, and is happiest with her head stuck in a book. Her current academic obsession is the intersection of the Internet and the First Amendment. She adores working for SURJ and is extremely excited to continue it next year.
Samantha Wallace
Copy Editor
Samantha Wallace is a senior studying English and International Development and Social Change. As one of the original founders of SURJ, as well as having served as Managing Editor and Copy Editor, Sam is blown away by the dedication and skill of every student involved in the publication. As a City Year New Hampshire alum, she hopes to work in with an education non-pro t in the Boston area a er graduation. Sam is an avid podcast-listener and enjoys hiking and canoeing.
Despoina Lioliou
Peer Review Editor
Despoina Lioliou ‘17 is a Psychology major, with a minor in Education. She is Program Coordinator for the Clark Educational Studies Program and acts as Online Coordinator for Clark’s Psi Chi Chapter. Despoina is heavily involved in research on campus, and is especially interested in learning methods and their applica- tions in schools. ough she loves her time at Clark, she enjoys touring Greece over the summer with family and friends.
Celia Ringland
Sales & Marketing Editor
Celia Ringland ’17 is a Management major, with a Cultural Studies & Communication minor. In addition to her role in SURJ, she serves as the Marketing & Outreach Coordinator for All Kinds of Girls and Co-Designer of IdentifyU. She is involved in ethnographic research that studies the intersection of culture, education, and identity, and has presented at the Penn GSE Ethnography in Education Research Forum and New England Sociology Research Conference. In her free time, she enjoys reading, creative writing, and traveling to sunny places.
Galen Hartwell
Design & Layout Editor
Galen Hartwell ‘16 is a Studio Art and Psychology double major pursuing her MBA as part of Clark University’s Accelerated Master’s Program. Her passions for travel and culture anchor her work at the intersection of creativity, people, and business. Skilled in multiple mediums and channels, Galen is a visual storyteller, researcher, and curator. On campus she is Design Editor for SURJ and a Schiltkamp Gallery curator at the Traina Center for the Arts. Beyond graduation, Galen plans to pursue a career in design and marketing.
Pooja Patel
Web Editor
Pooja Patel ‘16 is a Psychology major, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship minor, who is pursuing the accelerated MBA here at Clark. Pooja grew up in the wonderfully sunny Zimbabwe, and so, is just grateful that she survived four years of New England winters. At Clark, she is involved in research on con ict & cooperation, focusing on genocide. She plans to continue and never stop learning. If she could, Pooja would spend her life traveling, reading, experimenting with food, watching YouTube, and finding out more about others.


Rashif Al Mahmood
Mehran Ali
Sophie Aronow
Meyru Bhanti
Spencer Cronin
Sherief Eldeeb
Shirin Esmaeili
Suiada Firoze
Carmiya Gale
Juliana Gluck

Devra Goldstein
Eliana Hadjiandreou
Alizay Hasan
Phoebe Hughes
Saadman Islam
Amiel Jaggernauth
Elyana Kadish
Keke Kaikhosroshvili
So Jung Kim
Declan Kurant

Kayla Landis
Hyomin Lee
Cherie Li
Lauren Liderman
Anh Nhu
Kayla Paton
Yeannet Ruiz
Samuel Schlesinger
Sanika Shah
Alexandra Shehab

Kristen Sheldon
Charis Smuthkochorn
Anna Spack
India Spears
Cordelia Shee Toh
Logan Bishop-Van Horn
Zena Wolf
Michelle Yun


Cory Bisbee
Alizay Hasan
Declan Kurant
Cherie Li
Yeannet Ruiz

Sanika Shah
Maria Solares-Bucaro
India Spears
Cordelia Shee Toh
Amy Yeager


Marissa Bohlman
Carly Johnson
Lauren Liderman
Muzi Lin
Amy Wong


Achu Johnson Alexander
Simon Goldberg
Michino Hisabayashi
Kristin Keefe

Gina Kelley
Justin Laplante
Jeremy Levine
Jim Lochhead

Dexter Locke
Edita Miftari
Chitra Naidu
Miguel Reyes

Simona Tolchin
Jiang Wenjing
Tianci Zhang