Religious and Secular Knowledge on the Draft in Israel

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This research seeks to understand religious and secular knowledge on the question of military draft in Israel within the Jewish population. With recent legal changes in conscription policy, there has been much controversy over the role of Haredim [ultra-Orthodox] in the army. Drawing on feminist standpoint theory, this study uses thematic analysis of a qualitative (open-ended) online survey to examine what Jewish Israelis of different religious orientations think and know about the draft issues as well as how they legitimize their ideas. In analyzing Jewish Israeli knowledge, this research draws on the historical, philosophical division as well as the contemporary religious-secular divide in Israel to contextualize the responses of participants. The research aims to foster a greater understanding of the complexity within and between epistemological communities, and within Jewish Israeli knowledge on the draft specifically.


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Laina E. Pauker

Laina E. Pauker

Laina Pauker is a recent Clark graduate from New Haven, CT. She spent a
year in Israel before beginning her undergraduate studies at Clark, inspiring her focus within the research on Intergroup Con ict and Cooperation lab and her Psychology major. With a minor in International Development and Social Change, she is interested in where the two disciplines intersect. Laina also pursues her exploration of these topics through the ne arts and lm. She is currently working towards her certi cation in mediation, a form of con ict resolution, and is organizing screenings of her debut documentary lm, “Year in Motion.”