Retrospective Emotional Interpretation of Holocaust Victims: Case Studies of USC Shoah Foundation Testimonies

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Extensive research has been conducted on the emotional/psychological conditions of survivors post-Holocaust, specifically symptoms of trauma of which many have been grouped and coined into terms such as “survivor syndrome” and “concentration camp syndrome” (USHMM, 2015). In addition, the treatment of such conditions have been studied and implemented. Conversely, significantly less research has been conducted regarding the emotional/psychological experiences of victims during these events, as recollected by victims in the present. Personal narratives of Holocaust survivors shed light on the emotional and psychological implications of the Holocaust’s traumatic events on individuals. In this paper, Holocaust survivors’ retrospective descriptions of emotional responses as experienced during these events will be analyzed.

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Rachel Gaufberg

Rachel Gaufberg

Rachel Gaufberg is a junior psychology major on the pre-med track at Clark University. Specifically, Rachel is interested in social psychology and the psychological processes that are involved in the implementation and aftermath of genocides and mass atrocities. After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree, Rachel aims to get a masters degree in community development and planning, and ultimately attend medical school to become a practicing physician in the field of global health.