Un Objeto de Deseo

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This article evaluates and compares the ways in which women are dehumanized and limited to the role of “objects of desire”. The concept of the male gaze is used to depict how women are objectified in La invención de Morel by Adolfo Bioy Casares and Rosario Tijeras by Jorge Franco, including it’s cinematic interpretation by Emilio Maillé. Ultimately, all authors and directors sexualize female characters by limiting them in passive roles, depicting them as exotic objects in the eyes on the audience, the characters in the stories, and through narration and cinematography. This objectification reinforces passive female roles and a hegemony that takes away their agency.

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Clara J. O'Rourke

Clara J. O'Rourke

Clara O’Rourke is an International Development and Social Change and Spanish Language and Literature double major and will continue her education at Clark to earn her M.A. in Community Development and Planning. While Clara spent the past year studying in the Dominican Republic she conducted research a community development intern at Acción Callejera and served as research assistant for Hanesbrands Living Wage Project in Santo Domingo. She currently works for the Latino Education Institute and Worcester Public Schools as Research Specialist where her passions for social justice, youth empowerment, and cultural inclusion are intertwined.