2018-2019 STAFF LIST


Ram Sharma

Ram Sudhir Sharma ‘19 is still a Physics and Philosophy double-major with a minor in Mathematics. At the end of four years at Clark, he is tired and wants to graduate. Planning on doing a fifth-year at Clark, this remains a distant dream. His academic pursuits bring him much joy and occasional unhappiness and he can often be found around campus asking random questions off random peoples. His work in Physics is in soft-matter, and is currently working on some mixing of fluids of different viscosities (when added with grains), and some resultant instabilities. His work in Philosophy is on an ancient Greek philosopher -- Gorgias -- on the nature of persuasion, manipulation and its impact on free-action. 

Shelby Spohn
Executive Editor

Shelby Spohn ‘20 is a Biochemistry major with a minor in Political Science and a concentration in Health, Science, and Society. She is currently the Executive Editor in her second year with SURJ. She continues to overcommit herself by acting as a First Responder with Clark’s Rapid Response team, volunteering in the endoscopy suite at UMass Memorial, and serving on the Pre-Health Society Executive Board. Her favorite Worcester meal is the vegetarian khao soi at Thai Time and she’ll be sad to leave it when pursuing medical school.

Joseph McElwee
Editor of Peer Review

Joseph McElwee ‘19 is a Chemistry major with minors in Biology and Environmental Science, as well as this year’s Editor of Peer Review. With varied interests in environmental and green engineering, prehospital healthcare, the public service professions, and higher education, his current career aspirations include attending medical school and acquiring a residency in emergency medicine. When not in the labs of Clark’s Sackler Sciences Center or on-call with our on-campus emergency service organization Rapid Response as an EMT, Joseph can be found binge-watching Game of Thrones, eating an obnoxious amount of food, or spending time at Acoustic Java.

Ibrahim Ozgenc
Director of Operations
Ibrahim is a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major. Being very research oriented, he believes SURJ is an essential organization for Clark University to promote research on campus. Ibrahim co-founded a website called “The Science Weekly” where he writes short research articles mostly on the molecular pathways of diseases/disorders. In his free times, you will see Ibrahim either playing basketball or in the gym lifting as he thinks it is the best way to relieve the stress and boost endorphin levels. Ibrahim conducted research in institutions like University College London and is very interested specifically interested in the fields of neuroscience and cancer biology.
Kaiomi Inniss
Director of Outreach and Marketing
Kaiomi Inniss ‘19 is a Global Environmental Studies major, with a concentration in Urban Development, and a minor in Creative Writing. She is the Director of Marketing and Outreach. With interests in critical race theory, city planning, urban design, and sustainable environmental systems, Kaiomi aspires to combine these interests and complete a master’s in Urban Design. In her free time Kaiomi loves to write and read short story collections, munch on too many oreos, and do yoga!
Io Brooks
Editor of Copy Editing and Content

Iolanthe Brooks ‘19 is a Geography and Sociology double-major, and this year’s Editor of Copyediting and Content. Beyond her passion for correctly-placed punctuation, she loves critical theory, qualitative research, and criminal justice reform. Last year, Iolanthe published a piece on carceral geographies and community corrections, and this year she has been working on a thesis project on prison transfers as carceral mobilities. Iolanthe can be found chatting, at museum free nights, or running (late) across campus.

Manal Ahmed
Deputy Editor
Manal Ahmed ‘21 is a Political Science and English major and a Deputy Editor for SURJ. She enjoys creative writing, zine-making, baking lots of banana bread and surviving on copious amounts of tea and coffee over the course of the school year.
Michael O’Connor
Deputy Editor

Michael O’Connor ‘20 is a Physics major with a minor in Mathematics. When not running late to SURJ meetings because he forgot this week’s location, Michael can be found frantically striding about the basement of the Physics department working on his research. To combine his passion for investigating bizarre materials and a hell-bent desire to contribute to a carbon neutral society, Michael intends to immediately pursue a Ph.D. in either applied physics or materials science to begin a career studying materials applicable to more efficient renewable energy technology. He also thoroughly enjoys supporting and learning from fellow Clarkies as a Resident Advisor and Peer Learning Assistant. Shout out to Dana Hall! When responsibilities must inevitably be postponed in place of self-care, Michael loves sleeping, practicing piano, playing table tennis, sleeping, hiking, swimming, and sleeping. He also enjoys sleeping.

Nadav Battat
Deputy Editor

Nadav Battat ‘20 is a Philosophy major with minors in both Physics and Mathematics. He has been a member of SURJ since his freshman year and plans on continuing to play an active role in the Journal’s future. Nadav is fascinated by philosophical implications of contemporary theories in physics, such as general relativity and quantum mechanics. He has designs to eventually go to law school, perhaps taking Clark up on their fifth-year MBA program beforehand.


Ryan King
Editor of Design and Layout

Ryan King '19 is a Computer Science major and Sociology minor. At SURJ he is the Editor of Design and Layout, and previously designed Clark's student-run newspaper "The Scarlet" for three years. After graduation, he hopes to lead teams to build impactful and elegant software and live in an aesthetic apartment. In his spare time, Ryan bakes treats that are mostly consumed by his roommates, plays games on his PS4, and cracks way too many unfunny jokes.

Emma Carleton
Deputy Editor of Design and Layout

Emma Carleton ‘20 is a Art History and Studio Art double-major and the Deputy Editor of Design and Layout for this year’s journal. Being involved with multiple facets of an arts education, Emma hopes to get more involved with this in the future by becoming an art teacher. When not in the studios at the Traina Center for the Arts here at Clark, Emma enjoys going to local art museums, trying food spots around Worcester, and warming up the kitchen while baking new recipes for her friends to try.

Liana Shpani
Web Editor

Liana Shpani ’21 is a physics major with minors in mathematics and computer science. In her free time, she loves re-watching her favorite shows and movies, or hanging out with her (few) friends. Her dream is to go to graduate school for physics and pursue a career in research/academia.


Kimberly Le
Engyin Pwint Aung
Chi Nguyen
Ava Bartolome
Izabella Lidrbauch
Dillon Prus
Morgan Hylton
Kaitlyn Anderson
Nandita Modhubonti
Tiffany de Oliveira

Will Whitehead
Will Sanders
Marinna Raleigh
Jacob Hunnicutt
Padmini Dey
Cole Norman
Emily Kimmelman
Owen Ganter
Marinna Carrera
Izabella Lidrbauch

Owen Ganter
Katilyn Anderson
Sadie Murray
Morgan Hylton
Camilo Posada


Alaina Tabani
Ava Bartolome
Charlie Tall
Christine Guerette
Emily Chandler
Joshua Canning
Morgan Hylton
Nandita Modhubonti
Rose Wine
Sadie Murray
Tiffany De Oliveira