Correlation Between Music and Preliteracy Skills in Preschool Age Children

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 Is there a relationship between music and knowledge? If there is evidence that music is influential for processing complex cognitive information, it is reasonable to consider that if children are exposed to music early, it will help them develop literary skills. In the last decade, researchers have paid more attention to possible relationships between musical-rhythmical skills and reading acquisition. Our study chose to focus on the relationship between music and literacy development in preschool children. We hypothesized that since both music and reading involve the sequential processing of units of information, there must be a positive correlation between musical-rhythmical skills and preliteracy skills.


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Katherine Swierk

Katherine Swierk

Katherine Swierk is a senior at Clark University graduating in May 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Biology. Katherine is currently pursuing a graduate education in School Psychology with an interest in assessment and counseling of high school age students.