2017-2018 STAFF LIST


Alex Grayson
Alex Grayson '18 is a senior majoring in Philosophy with concentrations in Ethics & Public Policy and Law & Society. Having had the opportunity to serve as a Peer Learning Advisor for the AIDS Pandemic first-year-intensive over the past three years, Alex has developed an interest in drawing on his philosophy background to study effective HIV/AIDS public health policy. His research interests reside in reconciling how 21st century innovation like the Amazon Echo interacts/clashes with the Fourth Amendment. Outside of SURJ and the library, Alex enjoys mountain biking (and trying not to end up in the ER) and not taking himself too seriously with friends.
Amiel Jaggernauth
Executive Editor
Amiel is a senior majoring in Biology with a focus in developmental biology. As one of the Executive Editors, Amiel is responsible for maintaining the academic rigor of the journal as well as facilitating the peer review process. He is currently studying the development of neurons in the annelid worm Capitella teleta with Dr. Neva Meyer and plans to pursue an MBA upon graduation, ultimately landing a career in the biotechnology industry working on genetic and stem cell therapies. Outside of academics, Amiel is most likely on a beach somewhere outside of the U.S. or back home in Indiana. On Saturdays, he can be found with the boys.
Christian Rentsman
Executive Editors
Christian Rentsman ‘18 is a Computer Science and Mathematics double-major, with a minor in Comparative Literature. With too many interests for his own good, Chris can often be found coding up a new application, reading a book on existentialism, researching the latest fashion trends, or finding new modern art museums to visit. In his free time, he contemplates the aesthetics of sadness, goes absolutely crazy for the latest hip hop releases, and gushes over K-Pop groups. All at the same time.
Madelyn Bowers
Chair of Copy Editing and Content
Maddie is a senior majoring in International Development and Social Change with a concentration in Youth and Education. As the Editor of Content and Chair of Operations at SURJ, she manages the copy editing team, maintains the high standard of quality for journal publications, and oversees marketing, outreach, and distribution of the journal. She is an Office Assistant at the Office of Alumni and Friends Engagement and a remote intern at Opportunity@Work, a nonprofit social enterprise based in Washington, DC. Outside of class and SURJ, Maddie enjoys yoga, hiking, and exploring the vibrant Worcester food scene.
Ram Sharma
Co-Editors of Peer Review
Ram Sudhir Sharma ‘19 is a Physics and Philosophy double-major with, a minor in Mathematics. He finds himself at Clark, 7696 miles away from home in the western subtropical forests of India (Pune). He enjoys painting, and is always on the lookout for interesting movies and discussions. He is interested in the theory of complex systems, and his musical tastes are largely limited to his love for 8th-14th century Indian classical music. He exercises said love by playing the Sitar and the Tabla, though his singing is strictly limited to performances in the shower.
Ian Jackson
Co-Editors of Peer Review
Ian Jackson ‘18 is a Geography and Women’s and Gender Studies double-major. His research interests are in critical theory, urban geography and all things with the prefix “post”. Apart from academics, Ian enjoys cycling and exploring book stores. Following his graduation from Clark, Ian plans to return home to Portland, Oregon and eventually pursue a Master’s Degree in Geography or Urban Studies.
Joseph McElwee
Deputy Editors of Peer Review
Joseph McElwee ‘19 is a junior majoring in biochemistry with a minor in environmental science. He is currently a president of Pre-Health Society and a member of Clark University Rapid Response. His main future goal is to attend medical school and specialize in either trauma surgery or forensic pathology. Outside of academia, Joseph is a huge fan of horror movies, over-commitment, and stress.
Shelby Spohn
Deputy Editors of Peer Review
Shelby Spohn ‘20 is a Biochemistry major with a minor in Political Science and a concentration in Public Health. She works as a Sports Medicine Aide at Clark and is also a part of the CURR squad. In her (not so) free time, Shelby can be found in her bed catching up on some much-needed sleep or watching reality TV shows that make her feel more secure in her chosen life path. After graduation, she hopes to attend medical school to eventually specialize in obstetrics and gynecology.
Erin McKeon
Editor of Design and Layout
Erin McKeon ‘18 is a Cultural Studies and Communication major with a minor in Studio Arts. When she’s not designing for SURJ, Erin can be found knitting, taking photos, watching television show bloopers, or napping. After graduation, she plans to continue her studies at Clark pursuing a master's degree, and then move to a big city with a ton of museums.
Wurood Mandawi
Web Editor
Wurood Mandawi '18 is a Computer Science major and a Studio Art minor. She is a co-founder and a tresurer of Clark's Women in STEM.


Rashif Al Mahmood
Mehran Ali
Sophie Aronow
Meyru Bhanti
Spencer Cronin
Sherief Eldeeb
Shirin Esmaeili
Suiada Firoze
Carmiya Gale
Juliana Gluck

Devra Goldstein
Eliana Hadjiandreou
Alizay Hasan
Phoebe Hughes
Saadman Islam
Amiel Jaggernauth
Elyana Kadish
Keke Kaikhosroshvili
So Jung Kim
Declan Kurant

Kayla Landis
Hyomin Lee
Cherie Li
Lauren Liderman
Anh Nhu
Kayla Paton
Yeannet Ruiz
Samuel Schlesinger
Sanika Shah
Alexandra Shehab

Kristen Sheldon
Charis Smuthkochorn
Anna Spack
India Spears
Cordelia Shee Toh
Logan Bishop-Van Horn
Zena Wolf
Michelle Yun


Cory Bisbee
Alizay Hasan
Declan Kurant
Cherie Li
Yeannet Ruiz

Sanika Shah
Maria Solares-Bucaro
India Spears
Cordelia Shee Toh
Amy Yeager


Marissa Bohlman
Carly Johnson
Lauren Liderman
Muzi Lin
Amy Wong


Achu Johnson Alexander
Simon Goldberg
Michino Hisabayashi
Kristin Keefe

Gina Kelley
Justin Laplante
Jeremy Levine
Jim Lochhead

Dexter Locke
Edita Miftari
Chitra Naidu
Miguel Reyes

Simona Tolchin
Jiang Wenjing
Tianci Zhang