Chemical Epitope Targeting: Review of a Novel Screening Technology

This manuscript is available for download here Abstract Chemical Epitope Targeting is a novel technology developed for designing peptide ligands with high affinity and specificity against specific regions of a protein that may be inaccessible to small molecules or antibodies. In this review, we summarize the key steps and significant applications of this technology. Operating on […]

The Generation, Exploitation and Future of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

This review is available for download here Abstract The foundational advancements of John Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka have improved understanding of dedifferentiation of cells to a pluripotent state. The seminal discovery established a novel system to study disease pathogenesis, drug screening, and toxicity, as well as sprouted the new field of regenerative medicine. In this […]

Biochemical Effects of Meditation: A Literature Review

This manuscript is available for download here Abstract Meditation is an activity that can help reduce stress and anxiety from daily life as well as help cultivate overall feelings of peacefulness, relaxation, and contentment. This review describes several studies that have been used to assess how meditation can influence the body at the molecular level. […]