The Motionless Half-Sun Over the Postcolonial Horizon: Adichie, Bhabha, and Inaction

This manuscript is available for download here Abstract Action is a metaphysical reality of our daily existence, one so commonplace and privileged that it has transcended its dialectical relationship with inaction to preeminence. The latter has failed to capture the imagination of philosophers and critical theorists, leaving the subversive potential of this negative space unexplored. This […]

Religion and Morality in Tolkien’s The Hobbit

This manuscript is available for download here Abstract Much research has been done on J. R. R. Tolkien’s works, but The Hobbit has been overlooked. Because of the time in his life that it was written, this particular novel can give unique insight in the questions of religion in Middle Earth that have been continuously raised. The first […]

Understanding and Addressing Arab-American Mental Health Disparities

This review is available for download here Abstract The landscape of mental healthcare and focus on disparities research in the United States has vastly improved in recent years. However, Arab-Americans continue to be a commonly overlooked group within the scope of the research. This trend is especially worrisome given detrimental factors for Arab-Americans that have arisen […]