Efficaciousness of Mindfulness Interventions for Trauma Using Psychophysiological Measures: A Review

This review is available for download here Abstract In recent decades the efficaciousness of mindfulness has been proven in a wide variety of contexts, but some crucial populations remain understudied. This review critically examines the literature on mindfulness in individuals with trauma using psychophysiological measures. Psychophysiological measures offer critical insight into this intersection of mindfulness and […]

A New Mass Incarceration: Community Corrections, Carceral Geography, and Spatial Power

This manuscript is available for download here Abstract In the age of Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow (2010), promises to depopulate overcrowded American prisons, and a mainstream acknowledgement of mass incarceration, the American criminal justice system is anything but inert. Instead, modalities of punishment are shifting, particularly towards community-located corrections involving GPS surveillance. This paper […]

Holocaust Education in Worcester Schools: An Evaluation

This manuscript is available for download here Abstract This paper seeks to understand how, and why, understandings of lesbianism shifted in Germany over the course of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Through close readings of both popular cultural productions and medical and psychological texts produced within the context of Imperial and Weimar Germany, this […]