SURJ Submission Guidelines

Want to submit to SURJ? Read on below!

The Scholarly Undergraduate Research Journal (SURJ) at Clark features high quality, peer-reviewed, original undergraduate research conducted by students in all disciplines. All research articles will undergo rigorous double-blinded peer and faculty review, peer reviewers including undergraduate and/or graduate students.

SURJ is open to any Clark University undergraduate student, and alumni from the last two years, who started their respective research while an undergraduate student at Clark.

Please read and ensure that you adhere to the submission guidelines.


• You must sign and submit Author Agreement. Articles will not be reviewed until the Author Agreement has been received.
The document with the faculty sponsor’s signature should be uploaded as an additional document.

• You must submit a copy of your IRB Action Report indicating IRB approval for work involving human subjects.
Articles will not be reviewed until the approved IRB Action Report has been received.