Marker of Difference: Historical Construction of Stigmatization toward Zainichi Koreans

This manuscript is available for download here Abstract This paper explores the historical construction of stigmatization toward Zainichi Koreans in Japan, as well as the consequences of such stigmatization. Zainichi Koreans are a minority group of ethnic Koreans living in Japan as special permanent residents, a unique identity formed as a result of the history of […]

Retrospective Emotional Interpretation of Holocaust Victims: Case Studies of USC Shoah Foundation Testimonies

This manuscript is available for download here Abstract Extensive research has been conducted on the emotional/psychological conditions of survivors post-Holocaust, specifically symptoms of trauma of which many have been grouped and coined into terms such as “survivor syndrome” and “concentration camp syndrome” (USHMM, 2015). In addition, the treatment of such conditions have been studied and implemented. […]

Pulling the Trigger: Dehumanization of African Americans and Police Violence

This manuscript is available for download here Abstract Police shootings and killing of African American targets has reached epidemic proportions and has captured the attention of the entire country. Research in social psychology has studied many dimensions of this layered issue, and has generated disparate findings regarding the role of racial bias in police violence. The […]

Religious and Secular Knowledge on the Draft in Israel

This manuscript is available for download here Abstract This research seeks to understand religious and secular knowledge on the question of military draft in Israel within the Jewish population. With recent legal changes in conscription policy, there has been much controversy over the role of Haredim [ultra-Orthodox] in the army. Drawing on feminist standpoint theory, […]