Un Objeto de Deseo

This manuscript is available for download here Abstract This article evaluates and compares the ways in which women are dehumanized and limited to the role of “objects of desire”. The concept of the male gaze is used to depict how women are objectified in La invención de Morel by Adolfo Bioy Casares and Rosario Tijeras by Jorge Franco, including it’s […]

Shifting Understandings of Lesbianism in Imperial and Weimar Germany

This manuscript is available for download here Abstract This paper seeks to understand how, and why, understandings of lesbianism shifted in Germany over the course of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Through close readings of both popular cultural productions and medical and psychological texts produced within the context of Imperial and Weimar Germany, this […]

Female Gubernatorial Candidates in Purple States: A Case Study of New Mexico and Arizona

This manuscript is available for download here Abstract This research serves to determine how the political ideology of Republican female candidates, in conjunction with political and cultural factors, affects the outcome of gubernatorial elections. An analysis of two 2010 gubernatorial races, taking place in New Mexico and Arizona, will use a case study approach to […]